SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2019 Intense thunderstorm causes flash-flooding in Singapore - 03 Jun Flash-flood kills 5 and damages 1,000 homes in Mexican town of San Gabriel, Jalisco state - 02 Jun Snowplows in June! Monster hailstorm hits Puglia, southern Italy - 03 Jun Monster hailstorms hit New Mexico, causing flash-floods in the desert - 03 Jun Rare snow falls in Queensland, Australia's sunshine state - 04 Jun Heavy rains cause flooding and landslides in Serbia and Bosnia - 04 Jun Thunderstorm inundates Saharan district of Ghat in Libya - 4 killed, 2,500 homeless - 05 Jun Record record-breaking June rainfalls hit southern Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Jiangxi and Hunan - 06-11 Jun The flooding killed over 60 people and displaced around 350,000 - 06-11 Jun Flooding forces the evacuation of around 1,000 people in Sarawak, Malaysia - 06 Jun While heatwave boils much of northern India, rare summer snowfall hits Kashmir - 06 Jun Cars are swept away as León, Mexico records its wettest day since 1961 - 06 Jun Epic long-duration meteor fireball blazes over southern Brazil - 07 Jun Torrential rain causes flooding in western Poland - 07 Jun Incessant heavy rainfall in Arabian desert causes devastating flooding in war-torn Yemen - 08 Jun Inundation of Samarinda city, Indonesia floods thousands out of homes - 09-10 Jun Crane collapses into apartment building in Dallas, Texas during intense thunderstorm, killing a woman - 09 Jun Heavy rainfall causes flash-flooding in Ankara, Turkey, washing away cars and killing 3 people - 09 Jun Powerful eruption from Mount Sinabung in western Indonesia spews ash 17km into the atmosphere - 09 Jun Powerful hailstorms slam central Europe, causing injuries, infrastructural damage and crop failures - 10-11 Jun Earthquake? Rare magnitude 4.0 tremor rattles homes in Cleveland, Ohio - 10 Jun Tornado caught on film in Turkey, one of several to hit the country last month - 11 Jun Flash-floods wreak havoc across northern Italy - 11-14 Jun A 'planetary wave' of noctilucent clouds spreads across the northern hemisphere - 9-15 Jun Seen as far south as California and southern Europe, NLCs intensify each year - 9-15 Jun 7 inches of snow falls in Chitral, Pakistan, the region's first summer snowfall in 30 years - 12 Jun Incessant rainfall causes widespread flooding in England and Wales - 10-14 Jun 5 inches of rain in 6 hours sets off landslides that kill 7 people in Recife, Brazil - 14 Jun Meteor fireball streaks across the night sky in Texas, USA - 15 Jun Meteor fireball caught on camera over Madrid, Spain - 15 Jun Tourist drowns in Lake Geneva as violent thunderstorm batters Switzerland - 15 Jun The Azores receive twice their June monthly rainfall average in 24 hours, causing severe flash-flooding - 16 Jun Violent hailstorms shut down transport and devastate crops in eastern France - 16 Jun Floods in Mongolia leave at least 12 people dead - 17 Jun Severe weather unleashes 9 confirmed tornadoes in central Indiana, USA - 17 Jun Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes Sichuan province, China, killing 13 people and injuring 200 more - 17 Jun Flash-floods kill at least 7 people in Black Sea province of Trabzon, Turkey - 18 Jun 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes near Niigata, Japan - 18 Jun Timelapse captures 'microburst' storm over Calgary, Canada - 18 Jun Hailstorm in Hungary heralds the arrival of that country's entire June rainfall average in one afternoon - 19 Jun Heatwave in northern India kills 92 people as temperatures soar to 50C - 19 Jun First days of summer bring heavy snowfall to western Canada and Montana - 19-21 Jun Waterspout appears off Ordu province on Turkey's Black sea coast - 19 Jun Serbia in inundated again as cars in Belgrade float down streets transformed into rivers - 20 Jun Powerful eruption of Raikoke volcano in the Kuril Islands of Russia's Far East - 21 Jun Another round of flooding hits Guizhou province in southern China, sweeping away.


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