TORNADOES OF 2018 - Extreme Weather Documentary

In Tornado Alley Speeding cars blast by turtles crossing the road. To them, it must be the equivalent of severe storms gusting over. Turtles are like people They're individual's that react different to the scary winds. In the face of danger. Some freeze up and crawl into their shells. Others have the gall to up and run for shelter. And others... well... (Water dripping) Bless their hearts. Music: "Angle's Serenade" That's pretty. Bam! Got the tree! Wow! Welcome to Tornado Alley. Umm. Powerful mesocyclone. In March and April I observed some classic supercell structures Dramatic lightning, Severe hail with double rainbows, but, no tomatoes. Looks like some chasers have been waiting longer than me to see a potato. Despite some poor route choices, Kansas backroads would eventually lead me to my first tomato of the year. Big hail is coming now. We should probably run. And there we go. Been awhile since I've replaced a windshield. That's what did it. That's all it takes. It's about to tornado right in front of us. Whoa. I'm sinking. Slide! Sliding all over. I think I see a giant potato in there. Yep! It did it. The storm did it. Barely see it up ahead. On the other side of this monster, Blake Brown and gang had a much better view. (Religious Tejano music) The following day in Oklahoma, Powerful positive lightning strikes were the highlight. Positive lightning typically originates higher in the storm And flash durations tend to exist longer than less powerful negative stakes. This dude wants to be on camera... If lightning hits him I'm sure it'll go viral. On this day, Negative lightning was the theme. Negative lightning flashes tend to be quicker, with multiple flickers or strokes. Imagine your whole life, all you've ever eaten is poop. Every day, poop. And then one day... Some stranger walks up to you and gave you a banana. You're gonna want some of that dude. Awe yeah! Get in there. I think there's gonna be a sunset here in a second So we should probably set up for that. But it's fun feeding the dung beetles. Let's find another one! Here's another one over here. Oh you're in for a treat. You do not wanna run from this. Turn around. Get you some banana. Life will never be this good ever again. They might be the happiest creatures in the world right now. Right in front of me. You're welcome guys. One of those special moments again. Here we are. Doing a time lapse here. (camera clicks) Got some friends over here. There's absolutely nothing to see here. Nothing at all Watch out! Just kidding.  (Thunder crashes) Another day of beautiful lightning and meager tornado potential. And long term outlooks suggest little hope for forecastable tornado events in the weeks ahead.  Welcome to Tornado Alley (loud thunder crashes) You think that was a foley effect? That was real. This is real! Season 2018 has started in late May... (scoffs) The season is over... What can I Say. Daniel is leading the way North to this next little severe warned storm. Let's follow Daniel and let him get the speeding ticket. I was speeding through town. 52 in a 35. And I'm about to get a speeding ticket. Right now there's a tornado warning right up here. I've been chasing all day. Give me a ticket! Come on. Let's go. On May 19th I arrived just in time... To see the storm die. To my surprise... Decaying mesocyclones are actually pretty neat to watch. (Camera clicks) (Acoustic blues music) Ive said it a hundred times The most dangerous thing about storm chasing is not the tomatoes It's not the lightning. Its not the hail. It's the commute. It's 2:24 in the morning This guy comes flying up behind me about 90-100 miles per hour. I grabbed the steering wheel, i thought "here it goes" At the last second He swerved into the left lane lost control of his car and smashed the *funky *shells out of my T. I. T. And then drove off. And i tried to go after him. My car's all smashed in. It looked like a Pontiac Grand Am but when he saw that I was immobilized he was like... Later! Lol He took off. Old saying... When its good it's fun. And when it's bad It's funny. (lol) (Car grinding noise) Nice. (Thunder and ethereal guitar music) (Thunder) We kinda got our first heaps going up for the day You can see the bulge of congestus up front The one behind it is a little thicker. You can see the anvil. Here it is on satellite imagery There's that storm... Right here. I'm kind of excited about today. I probably shouldn't be. But it feels like the first real May storm chase. And I'm sitting here in this 10% chance Right on a boundary So let's see what happens. Landspout tornado. Two of them! (occasional hail pebbles) Wow! that's pretty. (whispers) Lets go South Beautiful! I lost count of potatoes. We've got a landspout fest going on. (Honking car horn) Don't smash into me. It's already happened once this trip. What were you doing crossing the crazy highway here? What were you thinking? (snake hisses) He said there's a girl. Ah! yeah, well that makes a lot of sense, but dude listen... No girl is worth dying for. Wait, that's not true. Uh, let's try something else. Ok listen. Live to do you-know-what another day. If you see a snake in Eastern Colorado or Western Kansas in the day time, It's most likely this bull snake. See that car right there. Listen. (car whizzes by) That's the last sound you're going to hear before you dye. You thirsty? You want some water? Here hang on... There you go! Look at that! Look at him gulping up that water. Getcha some! Lol! Just stick your whole face in there and get you some water. I thought you looked thirsty. Save some for me. You gone come up for a breath? Yeah, get your water while you can out here. There's always... another... lady bull snake in the Prairie. So remember that. So don't go crossing a road You're not listening to a word I'm saying are you? Mmm mmm mmm Good boy! I'll have some too. (snaky Spanish guitar) See. Who's your friend huh? Who just hooked you up? (Pretty Spanish guitar) What'cha think Dan? It looks pretty good right now. Looks like our little wall cloud may be dying And maybe coming back and breathing in and out like they do. I saw you yesterday. Oh yeah. Yeah. (strong wind)  (camera clicking) Another day, another mean supercell. Watch this turquoise hail core become more greenish As there sunlight changes in the evening. Some dude riding by on his bicycle. (creepy music) Man it is rotating like crazy right above me right now. Here we go. On the side of me. Alright it's right above me. There it is. The next couple days brought storms with linear modes. Within squall lines.. strong outflow winds often shunt tornadogenesis.


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